What content do I get with the membership?

You get a lot of material in the membership. You have a new practice book every week (included free with your membership) called " Drawing Step by Step". In addition, every month you have a NEW Drawing Lesson that comes with two books included (one theory and one workbook for practice). Therefore, every month you have 6 different books! New! Month by month! All free included! 
Plus all the books you get when you sign up: 4 "Drawing Lessons" (4 Theoretical Books and 4 Workbooks) + 24 "Drawing Step by Step" on annual subscription. A total of 32 books! Then 6 new books every month! 💥🤯
All workbooks are printable. You print in one click and you are already training. 💪
You won't have enough time for so much content 🤯 Don't say we won't warn you if your hand hurts after so much practice ! 🤣
All those books you'll see under your "Premium Mailbox" 👇👇