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Do you need more help? Perfect, we'll show you how to get rid of all your doubts.

We recommend you to check the help documentation, probably the answer is already there and you can get your doubt out instantly. 😀
👉 How to do it? It's very simple:

Consult there everything you want! And you will see your answer. Be it doubts, solutions to problems, more detailed information and more! 👍

You can also consult the complete documentation at: help.trainingforcomics.com
👉 In case you don't find your answer, we are always here to help.
You can contact support in several simple ways:
The simplest option is to click on the icon at the bottom right of several of our pages:

From there you can send us an email in a simple way. Then check the answer right there or in your mailbox when we answer you. It's simple and practical.
Those are the simplest ways to get help. But you always have the option to send us an email to support@trainingforcomics.com
By any of these ways you will find all the solutions and help you may need in your journey. Now let's draw! 😀
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