Are there videos?

No, we don't use videos at the moment... and here's why we chose this:
We're sure that the practice sheets have a lot more impact on your learning speed. People want to see videos, that maybe is elegant and flowery, or it is good for the artist's ego, but the simple practice on the leaves is what brings the result
Your brain will know how to make a good, solid line in one stroke, NOT by watching videos, but when you practice over 1,000 of those lines on one sheet! 😉 And that's what we give at TFC with our Workbooks, the intensive practice, the "gym" of the artist. That's why we also give one lesson per month with your training Workbook, we want the user to practice one month for each lesson, and not to change to the next one after reading it, and to believe that he already knows it... because he read it. We need the brain to know it and for that reason the practice on the sheets generates the expected result in a very short time. Much faster than any other way. That's the efficient training you want to have to learn fast and well. 💪
At the same time, in addition to the lessons of the Drawing Course, we offer more forms of direct training with the " Drawing Step by Step" to be able to enjoy scenes created by the artists where they detail how to do it step by step, and you can have fun, while applying all the knowledge you have obtained in each of the lessons.
You will see your progress on fire! 🔥
You want to see if it's real or not? Implement it 3 months and tell us about it, you'll see 😀
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