Do you provide certificates?

The certificate is a very particular subject...  
If someone goes to a school to learn how to play football and they get a certificate for it, does it mean that they play like Messi? Or like Michael Jordan in basketball? We imagine that you already know the answer. 😉 
The truth is that we recommend not to pay attention to those things, the only real certificate you should have is your sample portfolio with works that are comparable to those of a professional. That will be your greatest certification as an artist. The one you will appreciate and the people who see your art.
Now, if you request a certificate of attendance, as a memorial to your time at TFC, we can of course provide you with a certificate to that effect (by contacting us in any of our ways after the first year of membership). But as long as you know that the important thing is in the practice, in the effort you give every day, and that's what will make you a great artist in a very short time. 💪
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