Books don't open or don't load properly

The books are hosted in the best place in the industry where they can be hosted in infrastructure in terms of speed and technology: Amazon AWS. Same place where Netflix hosts its movies. 
So there should never be any problems.
If they take a while to load it may be due to your connection and speed of your internet service. But in the worst case, you should only wait no more than 5 minutes for your book to open/download.
Other things worth trying:
* Reboot your PC or device. (A simple reboot often solves everything!)
* Refresh the lesson page with the F5 key on your keyboard, so that it loads again.
* Check if you are not using your internet bandwidth to download something else at the same time or watch videos online (Netflix, Youtube, File Downloads, etc) - (That could slow down your internet speed)
* Try another browser (Chrome, Firefox and Safari recommended - NOT recommended: Internet Explorer or the Edge browser)
* Clean your machine with the CClenear application (free application) If your PC/laptop is old or has a problem, that application can help you clean it in a few clicks. You can download CClenear here.
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