Do I have to be talented to know how to draw?

No, no and a thousand times NO! 😠 
Talent is only 5% of the equation, the other 95% is practice, consistency and focus.
The problem is that many times you see someone drawing well, and you think that's why he has a talent 😒, because you saw him make a drawing in 5 minutes of excellent quality. 
What you have NOT seen, were his years of practice of hours and hours per day, over the years, that TODAY allow him to take only about 5 minutes to make that excellent drawing.
The only thing that creates that, to be a good illustrator, is practice, constancy and focus. Therefore, be assured that you don't need any talent to learn to draw like the gods. It just depends on you, and the methods you use to learn efficiently (And we take care of that part! 😉).
Now, no excuses and... Let's draw! 🏆💪
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