What drawing topics are included in the membership?

In the TFC membership you will receive all the topics you need to learn how to draw professionally. Here are some of them:
  • Anatomy
  • Light and shade
  • Perspective
  • Inking
  • Classic color and digital color
  • Storytelling
  • Composition 
  • Traditional and digital inking 
  • Anatomy of Fantastic Beings 
  • Tricks and resources. 
  • Male and female figure drawing 
  • Cover illustration.
And many more! 😀
👉 Unlike a physical book, which is static (once it's done it's very difficult to modify), Training For Comics is DYNAMIC. This allows us to create constant updates with new and varied content from one week to the next. In real time 24/7. That makes you part of a platform that always has the best and will never be outdated in time! 😀💯
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