What genres or styles of drawing can I learn?

At TFC we focus on teaching the basics of drawing first, which applies to any genre. A line is a line. 😀
Then later you decide which style you like best and you can choose to draw more of those styles. Today we have a lot of material so that, after you learn to draw, you can develop in styles like: American, European, Children's Comics or, in November 2020 also, Manga. ✅
But always focus on mastering the technique of drawing to perfection first, which is the common denominator of 85% of the total technique among all styles, then the remaining 15% is what makes the difference in each. Let's put it this way...
100% of knowing how to draw a particular style is made up of:
* 85% the main drawing technique (the same for all styles
* 15% specialized technique (the only one of its kind)
As you can see, once you have mastered the initial 85% which is the basis of the drawing, you can play with the remaining 15% among the different styles until you find the one that suits you best and that you like best.  😀
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