What are TFC's Special Packs?

In addition to the central TFC " Drawing Course" and the " Drawing Step by Step". Then you will see other books, we call them special " Packs".
What are these Packs? Is it mandatory to buy them to learn?
The packs are only specializations in specific topics: for example "How to Draw Monsters", etc. These books are optional, so they are sold separately at an affordable price. Only for those who decide to specialize in particular drawing topics or specific things.
To make a parallelism and to understand it easily... it's like when you study in the university a career and then when you graduate you do a specialization in a postgraduate course.  Everyone must go through college to graduate, but only some, those who wish can access different postgraduate courses optionally and separately.
But your Premium membership already includes everything for you to become a true professional of drawing, we only ask in return members to put their perseverance to exercise, and you will see excellent results in a very short time! 😀💯
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